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    We are a group of folks in the Liverpool, Pennsylvania, area who have
    informally decided to meet monthly to discuss and learn about our local
    heritage. Our first meeting was in June, 2000, in the local Methodist church.

    This first get-together was the brainchild of Pat Campbell. About 20 people
    attended. A few local artifacts were displayed. The discussion covered much
    of local history. The evening was very enjoyable and the group agreed to meet
    every month hence on the last Thursday.

    It was revealed that there is a Liverpool web site in the works with a history
    section. This group will be the primary contributor in the documentation of this
    part of the web site to preserve the information gathered for all to enjoy.

    There is much work to be done in this endeavor and all are invited to attend the meetings and contribute knowledge, photos for scanning and stories about the history of the area. Areas of interest include the canal days, the ferry boats, area civil war veterans, locally made Shuler guns and Stailey tinware (both sought after by collectors), famous local folks and local genealogy. Historians meeting on 31 August 2000

    The Liverpool Historians hope to serve as the focal point for years-long scattered
    efforts in all these areas of interest so that our heritage will be preserved for
    future generations.

    Liverpool was one of the busiest towns along the canal route and a bustling trade
    center. Check back often as the History section of the Liverpool web site grows.

    For more information or to discuss your interest contact Pat Campbell
    at 717-444-3630, or the webmaster.

    Meetings: Last Thursday of the month at the Liverpool Senior Citizens Center

    Liverpool Historians Make News
    Our group was honored with a very fine article in the Jan. 16 2001 edtion of the Harrisburg Patriot News. We appreciate the recognition and thanks to Deb Kiner, the newspaper's area correspondent.

    Liverpool Historians Sponsor First Annual Canal Boat Drop
    New Years Eve 2002 was the first canal boat drop in the old Liverpool square at midnight. It was preceeded by a memorial service and fellowship meal in the Methodist church. A large turnout enjoyed the evening's events.
    For photos of the event, click on the links: [Boat Drop]    [Boat Drop]    [Historians in 1800s Finery]

    Liverpool Historians Get Officially Organized
    The Jan. 30, 2003, meeting was an organizational event. It was agreed that the group needs to become an official non-profit organization in order to maintain funds for events and local restorations. The group has published set of three postcards commemorating the First Annual Canal Boat Drop. These postcards sets will sell for $6.00 each. For more information, to view the postcards, or to purchase click here.

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