WAR OF 1812

The Perry units were not called up until 1814. They mustered in at
Carlisle, marched to Pittsburg, and then to Black Rock Fort, now
Buffalo, NY, arriving April 1, 1814. Jul 2, 1814 2 brigades embarked
one landed a mile below Fort Erie the other a mile above.

11th Regiment (Division)

Capt James PIPER's`Company


Donally, Nichael [2], Tuscarora Hammaker, Jacob, Watts Fry, Daniel, Greenwood Fry, Abraham, Greenwood Fry, Joseph [3], Greenwood Wendt, George, Liverpool Twp Burd, Frederick, Greewood Seaily, John, Liverpool Potter, Jacob, Buffalo Liddick, Jacob, Buffalo Werner, Peter, Buffalo Hench, Andrew, Buffalo

Captain David MORELAND's`Company

Moreland, David, Jackson. Caption Thompson, Robert Neiper, John Cadwallader, Amos Kibler, John, Landisburg Streigleman, John Rodger, Richard Strock, George Adams, James Abercrombie, John Waggoner, Sebastian Rodgers, James Beems, David Myers, John


Barkley, William, Saville Bower, Jacob, Saville Comp, [--?--], Centre Dissinger, George, Tyrone Dissinger, [--?--] Tyrone Evinger, Peter, Jackson Gutshall, George, Jackson Gutshall, Jacob, Toboyne Garland, John, Madison Goodlander, John, Madison Hockenberry, Jos., Toboyne Jacobs, John, Saville Johnston, William, Toboyne Kiner, Jacob, Tyrone Kessler, David, Toboyne Kessler, Peter, Toboyne Kessler, Adam, Yoboyne Mealy, Dr Samuel, Millertown Otto, Peter, Toboyne Ruggles, Moses, Madison Robinson, George, Saville Ross, Samuel, Tyrone Strock, George, Saville Strock, Joseph, Saville Stump, William, Toboyne Schreffler, John, Toboyne Schreffler, George, Toboyye Stambaugh, Philip Tyrone Sheafer, Jacob, Tyrone Sheafer, Wm, Tyrone Swanger, Peter, Tyrone Stroup, [--?--], Madison Scott, [--?--], Liverpool Sponenberger, [--?--], Liverpool Stewart, Richard, Tyrone Topley, John, Landisburg Weaver, Michael, Toboyne Wolfe, Adams, Tyrone Wolfe, George, Tyrone Wilson, Joseph, Tyrone Welch, Robert, Tyrone

Addition names from muster roll 22 Sep 1814

Askins, William Bergstresser, George Bower, Jacob Bergstresser, Solomon Bice, Samuel Bower, Peter Buck, George Dougherty, Robert Deckard, Philip Dunbar, Robert Dansville, Thomas Ewens, Moses Fry, Daniel Fry, Joseph, Killer July 5th Fry, Abraham Gillam, Jacob Girhard, Isaac Gallagher, John Hollenbaugh, Henry Hobbler, John Hollenbaugh, Mathias Hays, Robert Hammaker, Joseph Hamilton, John Hockenberry, Joseph Irwin, George Jordan, David Kennedy, Archibald Kelsey, George Kenny, Jacob Ledech, Jacob (Liddick) Mores, John Buck, Robert Burd, Frederick Byers, Joshua Baughman, John Comp, Daniel Kiner, Jacob Clark, Thomas McMurray, Ezekiel McCoy, Thomas Morton, James Miller, William Neeper, James Potter, Jacob Presser, Henry Gray, George Rodgers, Robert Ross, henry Shaw, George Sleighter, John Shumbaugh, George Sheets, Samuel Srambaugh, Jacob Tate, William Taylor, Joseph Wilson, Joseph Wendt, George [4] Wilson, Samuel Wallace, William Young, Abraham Rouse, Godfrey Shreffler, John

Capt John Creigh's Company (aka: Landisburg Infantry)

Oct 2 encampted at Bush Hill, near Washington. OFFICERS: Creigh, John Tyrone, Capt Lightner, Henry, Thompson, [--?--], Jackson Carl, Isaiah, Tyrone Neeper, [--?--], Tyrone Lackey, Henry, Cadwallader, Amos, Tyrone PRIVATES Bollinger, Daniel, Millerstown Curry, John Carl, David, Tyrone Dunbar, George Dunbar, John Dunkelberger, Benj., Tyrone Ernest, Jacob, Landisburg Foose, Michael Frederick, Jacob Fullerton, Joseph Gibson, Francis, Landisburg Henderson, Wm, Tyrone Hipple, John Holman, Conrad Ickes, Samuel Jones, Nathan, Landisburg Jones, Samuel, Landisburg Johnson, John, Saville Jennings, Israel, Millerstown Kech, Stephen Lightner, Jacob, Landisburg Landis, John, Landsburg Landis, Sanuel, Landisburg Lynch, [--?--] Mahoney, John, Landisburg M'Cracken, Benj., Tyrone Marsh, Joseph, Tyrone Power, John, Tyrone Roddy, Alex., Tyrone Srambaugh, Daniel, Tyrone Smith, Philip, Tyrone Sheibley, Narnett, Tyrone Sheybley, Solomon Sheer, [--?--] Swarner, George Simons, George, S., Tyrone West, George, Tyrone Wilson, William, Tyrone Whitmer, Barney, Tyrone Zeigler, [--?--]
Gabel, John of Howe Twp served but unit is unknown

[1]Lt Col Bull's father, Henry built first grist mill in Raccoon Valley, now [1922] Donnally

[2]Michael Donnally of now Tuscarora Twp. served on Commodore Perry's fleet in Lake Erie
for four weeks before going back to his company.

[3]Joseph Fry was killed at Chippewa by indians July 5th

[4]George Wendt was taken prisoner July 5th


1. History of Perry County, Pennsylvanai: Including Descriptions of Indian and Pioneer
Life from the Time of Earliest Settlement. H.H. Hain. Harrisburg, PA 1922.