The Legend of the White Dogs

Many years have passed since Davy Knouse passed away. But the legend will live on that he came to know and share with the family.

Down a lonley dirt road near the old Shaffer/Knouse homestead near Oriental Pa lies a spooky old woods. A woods that is said to hold the legend of the white dogs. The legend claims that when you pass through these woods on a dark night or when you are alone these dogs of white will appear before your eyes ,then vanish just as quickly. Older residents have claimed to have witnessed the horrible sight of these ghastly and snarling dogs.

Davy claimed that one night returning to his home he entered the woods to have the white dogs appear on the road. When he stopped the car the dogs jumped onto the roof and hood. Suddenly vanishing as quickly as they had appeared.

Hunters have been said to have encountered these dogs in the woods while hunting. Always appearing to someone on full moon or when they are alone. But some claim to have witnessed them in pure daylight in the deeper part of the woods. White teeth clenching dogs whose sound gives off a chill that one would never forget.

Fact or Fiction. To Davy Knouse and his family the legend of the "white dogs" is very real. Few people will go through those woods at night alone. Those who do brave them, drive as fast as they dare. Never stop you car where the culvert and old dump lie as this is where the dogs seem to appear most to victims. Davy Knouse is long gone but his tale of terror will live on to his family and those who have fell victim to the horror of the white dog encounter.

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